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Strategic Real Estate Advisory

Projects- Strategic Real Estate Advisory - Latitude Developments - Ahmad Khalaf

Check out how we allowed elite investors and developers to perpetually achieve more massive returns on their real estate development and investment activities.

At the heart of it,

We enabled our clients to reap more massive revenues and higher yields from uncontested market segments instead of battling competitive markets full of mass & monotonous developments.

Also, We eliminated their stress by reducing both capital and operational expenses.

What have we achieved for others?

  1. I added $1.1B of market value for a portfolio of properties owned by a prominent family office through a comprehensive renovation and expansion plan. Total cost stands at $ 300M. Thus, I increased the client’s ROI by 300%.
  2. I  secured $ 800M worth of land in prime locations for a leading developer. Total acquisition cost for these plots was $15M. So the developer saved 85% of the land’s acquisition cost. The deal was structured through a mixture of land for equity and land for infrastructure agreements. By doing so, I doubled the client’s IRR.
  3. I increased margins by 17% for a massive portfolio of properties owned by a prominent group by optimizing their development process. Accordingly, the value of the portfolio grew by 12%.
  4. I tripled the value of a massive land development owned by a semi-government authority through re-planning, re-zoning, and restructuring the development mix. Hence, the landlord to increase his equity participation in the joint venture by 280%.