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Real Estate Development-Mix-Use

Projects - Retail - Latitude Developments - Ahmad Khalaf

Mix-use – 15 locations – Pakistan

Status: Ongoing

Sector: Real Estate Development | Hospitality | Residential | Commercial | Retail

Scope: Market research | highest & best use analysis |development strategy | feasibility | concept creation | joint venture structure

Value: US$ 2,500,000,000 +


With a 6.7% CAGR for the last five years, one of the leading family offices in Pakistan intends to expand its real estate portfolio across the country.

The projects incorporate the expansion and redevelopment of one of the largest land banks mostly located in city centers across leading cities across the country.


Address the project with a market-oriented development strategy.

Plan and design based on specific target market segment profiles.

Recommend development based on highest & best use.

The project is expected to generate a 30%+ IRR on average