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Family Hotel- Dubai – UAE

Status: Delivered

Sector: Real Estate development | hospitality

Scope: Market research | feasibility | development strategy | concept creation | joint venture structure

Value: US$ 200,000,000+


Dubai’s hospitality sector is expanding at a 5.3% annually.

It currently attracts 12M+ overnight visitors per year.

Dubai is the fourth most visited city according to MasterCard overnight visitor analysis, however;

Family visitors to Dubai are growing at a much higher rate, estimated at 6.7%annually for the past 5 years.

Dubai offers a multitude of quality hotels, resort, hotel apartments and furnished apartments.

However, none is purely family oriented. Similarly, none of Dubai’s resorts is purely a “Family Resort”.


Develop the first 100%family hotel in the country.,

Cater to families, females, and children.


The hotel is currently under detailed design.

The land had been allocated

Lead investors are aligned.

The project is expected to generate a 28% + IRR.