About Latitude Developments

Latitude is a strategic real estate development management consultancy Founded by Ahmad Khalaf


We support investors, developers, and land-owners to create & capture above-market returns by capitalizing on our market-oriented development strategy.


Rather than battling highly competitive markets characterized by mass and monotonous development activity, Latitude is in the business of continuously creating uncontested market spaces while partnering with top real estate developers and service providers.


Latitude is determined to continuously:

- Identify undersupplied market gaps
- Recognize fruitful trends
- Detect remunerative demand generators
- Respond to specific target market segment needs, wants & aspirations
- Develop to create & capture sustainable value across the supply chain


Latitude is the ideal partner for:

- Government authorities aiming to boost development activity
- Landowners seeking highest and best use for their properties
- Investors & family offices who are targeting above-market returns.

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About Ahmad Khalaf

Ahmad Khalaf is a joint venture development strategist. His experience spans several countries in the region. His strategic thinking and business development capabilities helped to secure mega projects for leading developers and investors in the UAE.

Ahmad supports public authorities, landlords and investors to identify, secure, structure, develop and promote market-oriented real estate development opportunities.

In his capacity as a strategic development advisor, Ahmad searches for promising value generators, identifies undersupplied market sectors, analyzes target market segment and respond with a demand-driven development opportunity. Thus he supports his clients to substitute competition with uncontested market spaces.

Previously, Ahmad was heading global development activities for Bloom Properties, the real estate development arm of National Holding, Abu Dhabi, UAE. As the head of global business development, Khalaf landed $12 billion+ of international, strategic, large-scale, mix-use real estate development opportunities. Project sizes varied between 5 million square meters and 40 million square meters of strategically located sites.

In addition to his role as head of global business development; Khalaf supported pre-development activities including, market research, market analysis, feasibility studies, asset mix allocation, business modeling, joint venture partnership structuring as well as development phasing and planning.

Before National Holding/Bloom Properties, Ahmad, in his role as an independent consultant supported the set up of several development companies in the UAE, including Manazel, Escan, and Fanadek. His scope of work included market research execution and business strategy formulation.

Ahmad is a REDI Foundation Certified Real Estate Developer and an MBA graduate from Cass Business School.

Ahmad Khalaf

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Scope of Services

Analyze market demand
Identify value generators
Profile target customer segments
Respond with a market-oriented development
Develop project specific business strategy
Generate project-specific business model
Crystalize project-specific value proposition
Build project-specific development consortium
Administer planning, design & engineering
Manage the development processes
Optimize financial models & capital structures
Match investors to landowners
Design targeted marketing campaigns
Supervise sales activities